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Spray painting is now easier for DIY users with Smart Cap by Cosmos Lac

Until now, spray equipment manufacturers used high-tech nozzles only for automotive aerosols. We decided to make the difference by including SMART CAP in our general industrial colour line, RAL, to make this cutting-edge technology available to ordinary users.

You can also find SMART CAP included in selected technical sprays. Check our catalogue to find the products with the “PAINT LIKE A PRO” label. With the new SMART CAP spraying is now much wider and more linear than with a standard nozzle that sprays circularly and aggressively (spot spray).

Wide and linear spraying offers some significant advantages.

  • Ease of painting: On a medium-sized surface, 25–30 quick movements would be required with a standard nozzle, while 8 –10 are sufficient with the new SMART CAP. Fewer movements mean fewer errors.
  • Fewer drips: Because the spray is more stable and spreads over a wider width, there are fewer drips, which makes the process accessible even to nonprofessional users.
  • Fast drying: Drying time is reduced because the wider spray stream creates thinner layers that dry faster.
  • Better Coating: Since the paint spreads evenly, surfaces get a smoother finish.
  • Vertical spraying: By rotating the black nozzle of the injector, the user can now spray vertically. Surfaces such as columns, railings, table legs etc., can now be painted even more effectively than with a standard cap!

With the new nozzle, users have control over the spray, while at the same time the painting experience becomes smoother, more manageable, and precise.

Have fun and PAINT LIKE A PRO using COSMOS LAC sprays!

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