• Because our strength is our name and the carefully selected names of our partners
  • Experience and reliability with over 50 years of presence in the field
  • Strict choice of collaborations, only with internationally renowned names of the world market
  • For our pioneering distribution system
  • Immediate delivery of products (24-48 hours depending on the region)
  • Electronic order delivery mechanism and automatic computerized invoicing system
  • Because we are always next to each of our partners
  • Free consulting services and technical support in matters of mixing coloursand specifications of materials for the completion of each project
  • Assistance in setting up a store from design to completion and support for promotion and sales promotion
  • Training through the Hadjiyiannis Academy
  • Immediate update and online orders through our innovative e-shop
  • Because we do not just sell building materials and all related products
  • We offer innovative ideas and solutions
  • We provide technical know-how and support
  • We continuously and qualitatively increase our range with innovative products
  • Because Hadjiyiannis is the choice of experts
  • The reliability and quality of our products are a guarantee for the use of our materials. That is why they are selected by construction experts for large projects and that makes us proud. A visit to the "Projects" subpage page can prove that


Each of our partners feels safe and secure, since our wide range of services, perfectly combining state-of-the-art technology along with human interaction,
provide full support in all areas of its activities.


After 50 years of being hosted at Hadjiyiannis Court on Makariou Avenue in Limassol, in 2017 a new Hadjiyiannis store opened in the area of ​​Linopetra.


These two are two unique landmarks in Cyprus,  and there professionals and individuals can see our innovative showrooms for building materials, colours, styles, wallpaper and get to know everything about our Company’s activities with samples, ideas, suggestions, solutions and inspirations.


The design of the spaces, the colours, the friendly atmosphere and especially our always willing to help staff, promise a unique experience. In the various sections, the visitor can see our rich range of all the services and product categories we offer.



Nowadays, all projects – from the simplest to the most grandiose – require the right materials, proper preparation, professional application, required maintenance and most importantly, the technical know-how.


In Hadjiyiannis, we invest in people and knowledge. That is why we created the Hadjiyiannis Academy, with an aim of creating a new culture in the field. It is a space consisting of real professionals for projects that require proper preparation, appropriate materials, professional application and the required maintenance.


Our goal is for each partner and the final consumer to feel confident that behind each of our actions, the goal is their satisfaction, in terms of quality, price and service before and after sale.


Hadjiyiannis Academy is located in a specially designed space in the showroom of the Hadjiyiannis store on Makariou Avenue in Limassol.


We can provide to the customers thousands of hundreds of colours by mixing products from all of our brands with “Isomat Color System”.

  • The most complete system in the market.
  • A mixing system for all the painting needs.
  • For all the kinds of paints, like plastic, acrylic, alkyd, epoxy, polyurethane, paint effects, impregnation varnishes, floor paints.
  • Offers the possibility to match any colour the customer needs with a special system for colour matching (Spectrophotometer).
  • System for saving the colour of every customer, for future use.
  • Painting palettes with contemporary and timeless shades. A specialized painting palette for outdoor shades that do not fade away in time.


Whatever are the needs of a professional or any other customer, as far as kind, brand, quantity, colour or price, “Isomat Color System” has the ideal solution! Find it in exclusive associates in all the cities.


Throughout the years, Hadjiyiannis Company carries out a comprehensive communication strategy with actions above and below the line, with the aim of promoting and advertising the products it represents. It also provides full support to its partners in all areas of sales promotion.


TV, radio, print ads, billboards, web-marketing, advertisements, intense use of all social media and various innovative actions, are the means used for the successful communication  by our Company.


Our Company in collaboration and consultation with each of its partners individually and according to their own needs, provides full support with means of promotion, information and sales promotion.

  • Because we are always next to each of our partners
  • Creative Design
  • Easy installation
  • Information and customer service
  • Quality presence in the store
  • Alternation according to seasonality
  • Sales increase


Hadjiyiannis Company has implemented in its strategy, actions and practices that aim, among other things, at the protection of the environment and the social contribution. It is a member of GreenDot by participating in the collective packaging, waste management and recycling system. Its products are also certified with the European Ecolabel (EU Ecolabel), which is given with very strict criteria only to products that are highly environmentally friendly.

In terms of social contribution, the company organizes, participates or responds to actions aimed at providing assistance to various charities. All companies must recognize their responsibility to society and the environment. That is, to respect the principles and values ​​that characterize our culture and to offer to the society as a whole according to their capabilities.

Some examples are the provision of all materials for the renovation of the building that houses the Limassol Youth Department at the Cyprus Red Cross Children’s Therapeutic Center “Stella Soulioti”, the offer to the Association “Children’s Smile” through a 10-day event in collaboration with a large DIY store, the offer of materials for the painting of the “Agios Stefanos” Foundation, as well as in other institutions, schools and kindergartens.