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Choose colors with an eco-label!

The stress on the environment in recent decades has increased significantly and at the same time sustainable economic development is impossible without respect for the environment.

The consumer has now begun to realize that he must change his behavior towards the environment. Through his choices for products that harm the environment as little as possible throughout their life cycle, he can contribute to the reduction of pollution and the formation of ecological consciousness in the market, while at the same time protecting his health.

The ecological plastic paints ISOMAT PREMIUM COLOR ECO and ISOMAT PROFESSIONAL COLOR ECO are the ideal options for ensuring the safety of people and the environment. They are Certified according to the criteria of the EU Ecolabel Awarding Organization and meet the requirements of the standard EN 71-3:2019 + A1:2021, Category III, for the safety of toys regarding the migration of certain elements.

They also have the Indoor Air Comfort GOLD certification, which sets the strictest criteria for emissions of volatile organic compounds (VOCs) and declares that the products bearing it ensure the best indoor air quality! Considering the strengthening of the sustainability of constructions, it is important to emphasize that this certification is recognized by a number of environmental assessment systems such as LEED, BREEAM, WELL, etc.

Finally, these paints are classified in the upper A+ class, according to French legislation, for the evaluation of emissions of volatile organic compounds.