Colour & Decorating

FACADE, ISOMAT’s new, innovative fan deck for building facades

ISOMAT’s new FACADE fan deck is an innovative tool for choosing shades for building facades, whether it’s about painting new constructions, applying an external thermal insulation system, or renovation-repainting.

Our experienced team of architects and decorators created the new FACADE color collection to help you find color combinations for your building, quickly and easily!

At FACADE you will find 100 ready-made, complete color proposals, specially designed for external surfaces that are either to be covered with ISOMAT THERMOSYSTEM certified external thermal insulation systems or to be painted with ISOMAT exterior paints. The proposed combinations follow the latest trends in architecture and decoration and have been developed with the criterion sometimes of color harmony and sometimes of architectural contrasts.

Each page of the FACADE fan is a combination of three shades. The first shade is usually used on most of the facades of a building, the second on architectural details and the glossy shade on metallic elements. Specifically, on each page are recommended:

  • two selected shades for masonry from ISOMAT’s premium CHROMA color collection, which are acrylic exterior paints or pasty plasters, and
  • a suggested shade for the metallic elements of the building from ISOMAT’s new ISOLAC color chart.

The shades for the masonry are shown with a rough texture and those for the metal surfaces with a glossy finish, so that they come as close as possible to the natural effect!

Exterior surface colors that last over time!

The main criterion in choosing colors for exterior use is that they remain unchanged over time and show increased resistance to solar radiation and weather conditions. For this reason, all shades of the FACADE fan intended for masonry are developed with inorganic pigments. These pigments:

  • are characterized by high resistance to solar radiation,
  • prevent fading, chalking and loss of gloss and
  • they protect the film of acrylic paint or pasty plaster from deterioration.

So the original shade selection will stay for as long as possible like on the first day of application!

Favorite dark shades with the innovation of COOL TECHNOLOGY!

Another important advantage of the new ISOMAT FACADE fan is the dark shades with COOL TECHNOLOGY!

Dark shades are a dominant trend worldwide for the coloring of both interior and exterior surfaces. A deterrent factor for their universal application in outdoor spaces is the higher absorption of solar radiation, with the consequence of the faster alteration of the shade, the increase in the temperature of the facade and, by extension, the interior of the building.

The 30 dark shades that you will find within the 100 color suggestions of the FACADE fan, have an LRV (Light Reflectance value)<20, as is the case with the majority of dark shades. This means that dark shades, as we know, do not reflect age radiation and for this reason are not suitable for application on large surfaces, let alone in external thermal insulation systems.

But because dark shades are a big trend worldwide in the coloring of buildings, at ISOMAT we have redesigned them with the special COOL TECHNOLOGY, so that you can choose them fearlessly for application on large external surfaces of your building! The 30 COOL dark shades that you will find on the back of the FACADE fan deck reflect a large percentage of solar radiation and thus do not allow the development of high temperatures on the external surfaces of a building in the summer while they also remain unchanged over time and do not fade! In addition, they can be used without fear on large surfaces with external thermal insulation systems, without affecting their thermal properties!

Choose the products to color with the shades of the FACADE fan deck, according to the requirements of your own building