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Polyurethane / Hybrid / Acrylic Waterproofing by ISOMAT

The polyurethane, hybrid, and acrylic waterproofing materials by ISOMAT are products which can be used mainly on the building’s roof.

They contain high percentages of acrylic and polyurethane resins which, when applied, create a uniform, flexible, waterproofing, vapor-permeable membrane without joints or connections. The acrylic resins have a high degree of elasticity in combination with polyurethane resins, which offer strong adhesion and resistance against stagnant waters, creating an incredible result. They also provide great sunlight reflection ability, blocking the heat from entering the building, aiding the building’s heatproofing. All products are harmonized with the European standard EN-1504-2 regarding the protection of cement.

Product / system choices:

1. ISOFLEX PU-510 is a clear one-component polyurethane waterproofing material with high resistance to solar, mechanical, and thermal strain. After the application of ISOFLEX PU-510, a layer of TOPCOAT PU-720 is recommended, which will protect the ISOFLEX PU-510 and will impart a longer lifespan to the waterproofing. The material also offers a high degree of resistance to stagnant waters.

2. ISOFLEX AEGEAN and ISOFLEX HYBRID are hybrid polyurethane waterproofing materials which can be used on the building’s roof to completely waterproof it. The waterproofing membrane isn’t damaged by stagnant waters due to the polyurethane resins that it contains. ISOFLEX AEGEAN also features the advantage of maintaining its whiteness for a longer time.

3. ISOFLEX, an acrylic waterproofing material that contains acrylic resins, which offer the product a high degree of elasticity without joints and connections.

4. FLEXCOAT is an acrylic waterproofing material for wall surfaces, based on acrylic resins which offer a high degree of elasticity and can fill hairline cracks.