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How to repair your roof tiles easily and economically

Was there a leak through your roof tiles, and are you worried about how to repair them and what it would cost?

Moisture and the appearance of leaks in roofs is a problem plaguing many houses, while it can also cause additional, very serious damage to the building. So, it’s imperative to locate the points of the problem and proceed immediately to repair and waterproof them.

Repairing the problematic points in the roof

The points that usually crack with the passage of time are those through which chimneys, piping, antennas, or the bases of solar water heaters are routed. Damages in our roof may also be caused by intense weather conditions, as well as bad application or wrong material choice. In any case, the result is broken or detached tiles or ridge tiles that are points moisture uses to enter our house.

Ridge tiles may also be detached when they have been fixed using bad quality adhesive.

To repair them, follow the steps detailed below:

 Step 1 & 2: First, we clean the area from which the ridge tile has been detached from any adhesive residue or dust.

Step 3: Then, we wet the area with water.

Step 4: We prepare the brick-red-colored DUROCRET (resinous cementitious repair mortar) by adding the required water while also constantly mixing (instructions are on the material’s packaging).

Step 5: We apply DUROCRET with a spatula on the points that the ridge tile will be sitting.

Step 6: Then, place the ridge and level with the help of thread.

Step 7: Finally, we remove the extra material and smooth out the surface.

We follow the same procedure if we want to reattach any detached roof tiles. When we can’t replace a tile because of its position or if the size of the damage is too small, we can just repair the problematic point by directly using DUROCRET.

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