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Cement-Based Waterproofing by ISOMAT

The cement-based slurries by ISOMAT are one- or two-component products that contain special polymer-modified materials that give the product complete waterproofing abilities and a high elasticity.

This prevents the appearance of hairline cracks on the waterproofing material during the expansion and contraction of the surface. They’re certified according to the European standard EN 1504-2 regarding the protection of concrete. The method of application is easy. These products have also a high degree of resistance against the sun’s radiation and moisture, because the adhesive material used is cement.

Product choices:

1. AQUAMAT ELASTIC and AQUAMAT FLEX are two-component waterproofing materials. The first component is the cement-based material, and the second component is a resin that gives the product a high degree of elasticity, waterproofing ability, and can fill cracks.

2. AQUAMAT is a cement-based one-component waterproofing material. It’s used to waterproof basements and tanks.

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