Suggestions & Solutions

Issue & Solution: Detachment of ceramic tiles

Problem: Detachment of ceramic tiles in exterior masonry.

Possible causes

The possible causes of this particular problem can be attributed to the following:

  1. Moisture penetration into the substrate due to failure to apply grout
  2. Failure of the adhesive material
  3. Inappropriate type of adhesive
  4. Insufficient amount of adhesive during application


First of all, the entire area around the detached tiles should be checked to see if there are any other problem areas. The most effective method is considered to be lightly tapping the surrounding tiles with a wooden or metal object.

A spatula is used to carefully lift the detached tiles, working from the corners towards the centre.  Existing adhesive, any grout residue, dust and loose materials are removed from the substrate, leaving the surface smooth and clean.

ISOMAT AK-20 or ISOMAT AK-22 resin-based, water-repellent tile adhesives are recommended for the application of new tiles.  The tile adhesive is prepared according to the instructions on the packaging.  Then, using a notched trowel, the adhesive is spread onto the substrate and the tile is pressed onto it.  The tile can be lightly tapped with a mallet or a stick, removing trapped air from underneath and ensuring that the adhesive adheres to the entire surface of the tile.

Approximately 24 hours after the tiles have been applied, the grouting with MULTIFILL SMALTO 1-8 grout follows.  After the grout has dried, both the tile surface and the joints are cleaned with a slightly damp cloth.