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Colour Insights SS 2023-2024 – Breathe

Lightness and balance symbolize Breathe, with architectural features allowing spaces to flow freely. Light and shade from complex patterns, air bricks, woven materials and furniture intertwine with warming, earthy and fresh shades to create meditative spaces. Shadows and light play together, blurring the boundaries and expanding spaces. Colours are balanced and soft – warm neutral whites for lightness; tonal terracotta and tan for richness, with accents of hazy greens and cool blue.

The making of Breathe:

“Let us weave our way through our Breathe Colour Insight, where walls are free to breathe and create new spaces through stunning light and shadow effects cast across walls and through panels. A mix of rich, warm terracottas knit together with hazy greens and cool blues to be used in a geometric or organic expression.”

Lisa Miller, Crown Colour Insights Panel

“Lightness and balance symbolize Breathe. For this insight we took inspiration from architectural materials which resemble a weave: materials which play with light and form shadows to allow for a playful feel within a space and remind us that nothing is ever static.”

Kathryn Lloyd, Crown Colour Insights Panel

“Open weaved walls and fretwork panels are the key elements in Breathe. This simple solution opens up a space, creating a beautiful focal point and allowing light to breathe through in intricate patterns. Inspiration for patterns can come from geometric architectural shapes through to more organic, natural forms or complex oriental designs. The colour palette is a combination of warming terracottas and soft neutrals with pops of greens and blues for balance.”

Justyna Korczynska, Crown Colour Insights Panel

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