Suggestions & Solutions

Gluing new tiles to old tiles

In recent years, tiles are increasingly replacing other floor coverings or wall coverings. We present some special applications, which when not treated properly create problems.

  1. The wrong choice of tile has led to its destruction, and therefore to the need to renew the coating.
  2. Initially the surface is thoroughly cleaned of dust, etc.
  3. Add ISOMAT AK 22 to the stirring water until a homogeneous paste is obtained. Allow the mixture to mature for 10 minutes and stir it again. *

* ISOMAT AK 25 can be used as an alternative to ISOMAT AK 22.

4. Spread the glue and “comb” it on the substrate with a notched trowel, so that it is evenly distributed over the entire surface.

5 & ​​6. Then we place the tiles and press them in the preferred position, keeping the selected width of the joints constant with the help of grouting crosses.

7. Finally with a spirit level we control the slopes and with the use of a rubber hammer we hit the tiles to get their final position.

8. After the surface is passable, it is jointed with MULTIFILL SMALTO 1-8 reinforced with DS-99 resin.

9. The grout is applied with a rubber spatula, with diagonal movements towards the joints.

10. After the grout is sufficiently “pulled”, the surface is finished with a slightly damp sponge.

11. The final cleaning is done with a slightly damp cloth, as soon as the grout is completely dry.

12. Renewing an old tile coating is easy, without the need to remove existing tiles.