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Concrete restoration and reinforcement protection

Suggestions and solutions from ISOMAT!

Repairs to concrete elements (leveling, nest filling, corroded reinforcement, damaged parts, etc.) require special care and knowledge, given the wrong choice of materials as well as poor application, depending on the severity of the restoration, may make the repair ineffective.

  1. Corrosion of the reinforcement has led to the detachment of parts of the concrete, which endangers the whole construction.
  2. First, all loose parts of the concrete are carefully removed and the corroded reinforcement is fully exposed.
  3. The rust is then removed from the reinforcement mechanically (eg with a wire brush).
  4. The surface is then thoroughly cleaned of dust.
  5. The cleaned reinforcement is coated with FERROSEAL in two coats. Its use requires only the addition of water.
  6. The second layer (of FERROSEAL) follows after the first one dries.
  7. After the FERROSEAL is dry, wet the surface well with water.
  8. The restoration of the concrete is done with the fiber reinforced mortar MEGACRET-40. Its preparation requires only water.
  9. The material is pressed with a trowel.
  10. The final surface must be thoroughly protected from dehydration for 48 hours, e.g. with periodic wetting.
  11. After the material hardens, the plastering and painting of the surface follows.

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