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Complete renovation of your veranda/terrace

Your terrace is a space that can offer many moments of relaxation and pleasure. However, over time, it may have suffered wear and tear and weather damage. The time has come to completely renew your terrace, using top quality products.

First step: Cleaning

Before you begin the renovation, it’s important to clean your porch. Use an outdoor surface cleaner like New Line’s Blue Line and a water squeegee to remove dirt and debris. Wait until the surface is completely dry before moving on to the next step.

Step two: Tiles

Apply new tiles to your porch without having to strip your existing tiles or mosaic. If your porch has small cracks or gaps, use AQUAMAT ELASTIC elastic sealant to fill them and also to seal the entire porch floor. Then, with the flexible resin tile adhesive ISOMAT AK-22, glue the new tiles over the entire surface, and grout using the water-repellent tile grout Multifill Smalto.

Third step: Metal surfaces

To protect the metal surfaces of your porch from extreme weather conditions, you can use Rustoleum’s Combicolor Original Smooth. It can be applied directly to the rust, saving you valuable time, while providing protection from sun and moisture, providing an even surface. Choose the color you like and follow the package instructions to apply Combicolor Original Smooth.

Step four: Stone surfaces

To give a more natural look to floors and surfaces made of natural or artificial stone and concrete you can also use Stone Varnish from V33. It offers protection against heavy use and impact, does not peel, is waterproof and non-slip. It can be easily applied with a brush or spray and is ideal for both interior and exterior use. It is undoubtedly an ideal choice for renewing stone and concrete surfaces, giving a distinctive air to your space.

Step five: Exterior Masonry

Freshen up the look of your patio, adding colour but at the same time protecting the walls from the weather. To protect your exterior masonry from moisture and wear and tear, the high-quality Isomat Flexcoat elastic sealant is the right choice. Based on acrylic resins, it protects against moisture and weathering while also providing a uniform and durable surface.

Finally, make sure you allow enough time for the products to dry and cure before using your porch. Always follow product instructions and use the proper tools and materials to achieve the best results.

In general, the renovation of a terrace is an important project that requires care and preparation. However, by using the right products offered by Hadjiyiannis and following the proper techniques, you can achieve a beautiful and functional result that will stand the test of time and weather conditions. Don’t forget to always use proper safety tools and wear the appropriate protective gear.