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Colour Insights SS 2023-2024 – JOY

Joy encapsulates short magical moments of pure happiness found in everyday experiences such as bubbles, weightlessness, multiplicity and colourful displays.

Embracing a sense of humour, Joy inspires an artistic flair with this collection of contrasting colours, ranging from bold to bright and subtle to subdued. Colour is plentiful and applied in abundance using stripes or block patterns on any surface – ceilings, walls, fabrics and furniture.

The making of Joy:

“Transport yourself to life’s happy moments with our Joy insight. The specially selected pick-and-mix colour palette of uplifting shades pair beautifully together for charming visual impact. With carefully balanced combinations of muted and bolder shades in equal proportions and the absence of a hero colour, this punchy palette is an invitation for play and experimentation with colour. With big, bold stripes as a key feature of this insight, explore all surfaces beyond just walls. Joy is the perfect platform for being creative and pouring happiness into your space.”
Justyna Korczynska
Crown Colour Insights Panel

“This collection of playful colours reflects an optimism and an uplifting approach to interiors. Celebrating sweeter candy tones, every pickand-mix combination allows a colour scheme that embraces creativity, resulting in spirited, fun spaces. Whether it’s striped furniture or amusing collectables, these colours unite to produce a look that puts a smile on your face.”
Neville Knott
Crown Colour Insights Panel

“Moving into 2023-2024, fun and playfulness will be key. Joy seeks to provide brief moments of pure happiness which can elevate a mood for the whole day. This insight offers a glimmer of light relief and escapism found in simple experiences. Colour is shown in abundance; the palette is designed to be joyous and uplifting with patterns which create an element of wonder.”
Kathryn Lloyd
Crown Colour Insights Panel

“Have fun and experiment with the playful palette of our candy-coloured sweet shop of Joy. In this lively colour collection, each hue sits equally alongside its neighbour to form a cheerful spectrum of delight.
Use every surface of a room, zone areas and add structure to make your own vision come alive with bold, wide stripes that bring energy and vibrancy.”
Lisa Miller
Crown Colour Insights Panel


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