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How to transition rooms from winter to spring

As we start to shake off the gloom of winter and welcome in the warmth of spring, it’s the perfect time to embrace spring interior design trends.

The winter-to-spring transition is perhaps the most transformative of all the seasonal changes. Dark, cold days are replaced by brighter, lighter nights. Nature is awash with colour, and the sound of birdsong fills the air.It’s only fair, then, that your home mirrors mother nature. After months of hibernation, it’s time to give your home a new lease of life with these easy spring home décor tips.

Before you can welcome in the new, it’s time to get rid of the old. Set aside an hour a day and tackle a designated area. Start with that drawer of clutter that you’ve been meaning to sort out. And always work in vertical sections from top to bottom. Create ‘keep’, ‘donate’, and ‘bin’ piles, and be strict with yourself.

Start with a good spring clean
Once you’ve created a clutter-free space, you can do a thorough spring clean. Again, starting from the ceiling and working down to the floor.

Clean walls with sugar soap or a mild detergent and use a soft damp sponge. Avoid oversoaking your sponge as you could end up with water stains. Don’t forget windowsills and radiators.

Painting bathrooms and kitchens with a specially formulated emulsion, (KITCHEN EASYCLEAN & BATHROOM EASYCLEAN), will help keep these rooms looking the brightest all year round.

Lighten up
When your home is looking spick and span, you’ll be able to see any areas that need touching up. High traffic areas like hallways and living room doors are prime targets for a spring refresh.

For a bright interior, choose a matt finish paint (MATT VINYL). The high shine encourages light to bounce around the space, whilst also offering durability. For a winter-to-spring transition, you can’t beat a bright white. We love repainting windowsills, doorways, ceilings, and skirting boards in this high-shine finish.

Mix up your furniture
One of our top spring home décor tips is to simply move furniture from one room to another. It can be something small like moving a cozy armchair from a living space to a bedroom or moving a sideboard from a dining room to a kitchen.

You can even take your winter-to-spring transition to a whole new level and paint furniture for a true transformation.

Why not paint wooden dining chairs in different colours for a pop of spring colour, or mix and match handles on a chest of drawers (EASYMAX METALLIC)? If you’re painting lacquered furniture, you’ll want to add a primer and undercoat (QUICK DRY PRIMER/UNDERCOAT) before adding a coat or two of specialist wood paint (QUICK DRY SATIN). If you’re looking to create a more farmhouse chic, then chalk paint (CHALK EFFECT) is your fuss-free way to get that laid-back feel.

Revamp your front door
What better way to embrace spring home décor than with a fresh lick of paint on your front door?
Add a primer undercoat (UNDERCOAT) before you add your chosen colour (EGGSHELL) to ensure the longevity and durability of your new hue.

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