Colour & Decorating

Colour Insights SS 2023-2024 – Abstract Simplicity

Abstract Simplicity is a synonym for tranquillity. Its minimal approach builds on cocooning concepts, creating places to retreat, relax and be cosy. Lines are free flowing and fluid; furniture is rounded and inviting, accentuated with natural wooden details. The palette is warming, light and neutral with a focus on understated subtlety. Soft neutrals and creams bring warmth and comfort with a hint of gentle organic green and contrasting unsaturated black-brown to complete the look.

The making of Abstract Simplicity:

“Soft light and shadow flow through curved architectural features and arches in a sophisticated, fluid motion. Clean sculptural lines of wall reliefs and curved accessories are gently accentuated to highlight their simple and striking beauty. This palette provides a quietly beautiful backdrop, creating a space that is inviting and restorative to our senses. Colours are gentle and neutral to harmonize within a quiet and well-balanced space.”

Justyna Korczynska, Crown Colour Insights Panel

“Soft curved edges and strong architectural features combine subtly to create Abstract Simplicity. The smooth lines invite you in to discover a world of cool, calm, de-saturated colours. The addition of a deep authentic brown and natural moss green brings the scheme to life to accentuates details. Enchanting, textural wall reliefs create depth beyond an otherwise smooth surface.”

Lisa Miller, Crown Colour Insights Panel

“This Colour Insight wants to wrap you up in a blanket of restorative comfort. Combining muted tones of green, stone and creams, they create an inviting balanced beauty within any space that acts as a sanctuary from the outside world. Curved walls, tactile furniture and three dimensional forms blend effortlessly to create a balanced, high-end interior where tensions melt away.”

Neville Knott, Crown Colour Insights Panel

“Curved shapes draw us ever closer to nature and embody the natural forces that help us to unwind and relax, providing us with a sense of security and warmth. Needless-to-say, the palette focuses on warm creams and quiet, soft neutrals whose softness of tone combine with dry textures to encourage quiet contemplation; an escape from the world.”

Kathryn Lloyd, Crown Colour Insights Panel