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Chalking: Issue & Solution

The Issue
Sometimes a chalky white layer can appear on exterior walls. Whilst some exterior paints are designed to do just this, sometimes it can be the sign of an issue.

The Cause

There are a number of reasons Chalking can occur:

  • Water borne paints being applied in temperatures below 5 degrees.
  • An interior paint being used for an outdoor application
  • Inadequate sealing of a porous surface
  • Over-thinning a coating

The Solution

  • Remove chalk by washing or power washing the surface with a surface appropriate cleaner.
  • For best results firstly ensure that the correct primer/base coat is being applied. Applying a Stabilising Solution or an Alkali Resisting Sealer before coating will help to reduce the risk of chalking.
  • After applying the stabilizer, apply one of the 3 high quality paints for outdoor use by Sandtex.

Note: Always check a product’s data sheet and back of pack to double check that it’s the best product for your chosen surface.