Colour & Decorating

Colour Influences SS 2021 – Cocoon

Restful, natural, modern and uncluttered,
Cocoon conveys a sense of calm.

Cocoon embraces people with a palette of soft neutral tones. Furnishings are natural wools and soft drapes that are comforting to touch. Furniture has been designed to comfort with ergonomic shapes and enveloping fabrics.

There are no rough textures or angles in this trend – it’s all about curves and soft edges.

“Cocoon is about simple beauty – no embellishment, no frills, it focuses on rounded sculptural shapes and sensuous curves to create a calm and quiet haven. Shapes are organic, materials are enveloping and comforting, colours are natural with an underlying warmth that harmonise and tone.”

Judy Smith, Crown Colour Consultant

People remain fearful and doubtful of what a post-Covid-19 world might mean for issues close to their hearts: their family, their health, their jobs, their finances.

More than any other group, these people are searching for happiness and are finding it through colour. They seek a place of sanctuary and see their home and their family as a safe place.

“To take our worries away, sometimes a quiet and relaxing space is needed. A safe retreat to hide away, to put us at ease and make us feel safe. Our Cocoon trend gives you all this. All colours are warm and delicate, all shapes soft and rounded. There is gentleness all about in our Cocoon.”

Justyna Korczynska, Crown Design Studio

This colour trend wants to wrap you up in a blanket of restful comfort. Combining soft tones of stone, clay and green, they create a warm enveloping beauty within a space as a sanctuary from the outside world. Soft tactile furniture, simple accessories and flowing fabrics blend effortlessly to create a serene interior where tensions melt away.”

Neville Knott, Crown Colour Consultant

“Cocoon colour palette is based on soft warm neutrals and delicate pinks. Gentle muted green and rich tan add some interest and introduce a touch of colour to this, otherwise quiet palette. This colour collection is very easy to work with, as each shade carries a soft beauty with it and can easily be used as a standalone colour to create quiet and restful spaces. When used in addition with other shades in the palette, we can add some more colours to the room without breaking the quietude of that space.”