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AW 2020 Colour Influences – Antidote

“Antidote is a tale of contrast, from dark and mysterious to light and aerodynamic. Singular use of low intensity shades and understated design, cocoons the room. This creates a tranquil and restful space.”

-Jemma Saunders, Crown Colour Specialist

In a world of multiplicity, Antidote is simple. It is one colour, one form, without interruption. Colour is designed to envelope the space without a beginning or end, it continues in perpetuity. The only division is the interplay of light and shadow, represented by its opposing sides.

Where there is noise and chaos outside, this trend is monotone. It is the antidote to a busy life.

“Antidote is about simple minimalism. The creation of a hideaway with no disruptions. This trend features tone on tone colour. One hue is used throughout to create spaces that are serene, calm and relaxing. Architectural details are enhanced with the interplay of natural light and shadow.”
-Kathryn Lloyd, Crown Colour Specialist



Exploring the relationship between light and dark, the palette is paradoxical.

Featuring a thick, luxurious green with shadows cast across the space like clouds; its depth contrasts powerfully with its lighter counterpart, equal in sophistication but observing a different state of being.

“Each colour in the Antidote colour palette is equally important. We have selected four bold and striking shades, like our deep green Botanical Noir™ or Aftershow®, a dark grey with navy undertones, to give rooms a very distinctive look. The richness of those colours would add drama to any room. The lighter shades, such as Smoked Oyster®, a subtle grey with a hint of mauve, or a calm, soft Chalky White are perfect for creating airy, clean spaces filled with light.”

-Justyna Korczynska, Crown Design Studio

“A palette of opposing colours that spans ethereal whites and pale greys through to a deep enveloping green. From the palest light reflective tones to the deepest light absorbing colours, using a single tone all over is intense and uncompromising.”

-Judy Smith, Crown Colour Consultant