Suggestions & Solutions

Waterproofing behind tiles in wet spaces

Waterproofing suggestions and solutions from ISOMAT!

1. We prime the surface (cement mortar, plasterboard, plaster, etc.) with UNI-PRIMER primer.

2. We apply topically on the “difficult” points (siphons, water intakes, etc.) a layer of ISOMAT SL-17 and while it is fresh, we place the special sealing pieces and the sealing tape.

3. We apply two coats of ISOMAT SL-17 and wait for it to dry.

4. After it dries, we apply the ISOMAT AK 20 glue and place the tiles.

5. We joint with MULTIFILL SMALTO 1-8.

6. We seal the joints with DOMOSIL-MICRO.