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AW 2020 Colour Influences – Naturally Perfect

“This trend is all about society’s preoccupied obsession with the aesthetic and as a result Naturally Perfect is a nod to modern Art Deco, representing luxury and early Hollywood glamour.”

Kathryn Lloyd, Crown Colour Specialist

This trend explores our relationship with ‘perfection’.

In society there exists a cultural dictate for perfection, one that celebrates natural and cosmetic beauty together as one. Namely the use of cosmetics to achieve a look that is seemingly devoid of intervention: it is one of many contradictions that inhabit everyday life.

Similar to the constructs of modern beauty, Naturally Perfect employs hacks to create a space that is warm and feminine. It invites colours that blend and collide, incorporating reflections of light that lead the eye and create spatial distortions.

“The roots of this trend sit with the strong desire, in our social media driven lives, to always present ourselves in the best possible light. The ultimate goal is to achieve a flawless, yet natural look. Makeup gives us confidence and makes us feel better about ourselves. Naturally Perfect presents beauty tips for interior design using a warm colour palette of powders and blushers.”
-Justyna Korczynska, Crown Design Studio


The palette is a complementary edit of cosmetic shades, including the warm blush of Crème de la Rose® and the metallic shimmer of Rose Gold. The addition of Toffee Apple® and Aftershow®, a deep red and dark grey, work together to create balance. The tones are beautifully contoured to bring out the best in structural features.

The tones are beautifully contoured to bring out the best in structural features.

“Natural powdery tones of sand, clay, terracotta and brick work in harmony. A palette of earthy warm tones from muted to strong – although from nature these are colours that are at home in an urban environment.”
-Judy Smith, Crown Colour Consultant

“Soft skin tones from fair pink, through warm nudes to a complementary bronze, with a touch of daring red to add boldness and definition – this colour palette is very feminine. The beauty of these warm shades creates an inviting and cosy space.”
-Justyna Korczynska, Crown Design Studio