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How to care for wood furniture in your garden!

Since summer is coming, the protection and maintenance of wooden patio furniture becomes a necessity. The wood used for outdoor furniture is usually Teak wood, which is a tropical wood with a medium to high density, is considered hardwood, it has stability and it keeps its original form after the construction. Moreover, it is resistant to all the wood-boring insects and fungi.


Application Process

  1. Clean the surface thoroughly with a cloth or wash it with warm water.
  2. After washing, wait until the surface is dry and rub the wood up with fine sandpaper.
  3. Clean the surface with a dry cotton cloth and remove all the dust.
  4. Make sure that the surface is smooth and completely clean.
  5. Apply the oil with a brush once or twice according to the wood’s absorbance.

Advice for better care of wooden furniture:

  • The furniture in an outdoor place is exposed so it must be re-oiled at least twice a year.
  • In winter, this kind of furniture must be protected in a covered area or with special covers that you can easily find in the market.
  • Generally, when you do not use it, protect it as much as possible from the sun radiation.
  • Also, protect it from the constant contact with water, especially if they are in a garden.

* Be careful: You cannot apply oil on furniture that has been varnished or painted.

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