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The best possible protection

This summer, preserve your house with the long term guaranteed protection of SANDTEX colours which can be used for exterior masonry and RUST-OLEUM which can be used for the protection of metal surfaces. Enjoy great deals of our products which are offered in excellent prices and extra free product.

1. SANDTEX Ultra Smooth

High quality exterior coat, suitable for use on numerous surfaces like plaster, exposed concrete, putty finishetc. 15 year durability is guaranteed, when using Microsealtechnology for the best possible outcome.


  • Waterproof
  • Extremely durable in severe conditions
  • Light texture
  • Resistant to dust
  • Creamy and smooth application
  • Maximum coverage


2. RUST-OLEUM Combicolor

You can have both an anti-corrosive primer and a final coating in one product which is based on alkyd resins for extreme durability under severe weather conditions.


  • Prevents rust
  • Weather resistant
  • Versatile
  • Outdoor and Indoor use
  • Resistant to high temperatures, up to 900C
  • No brush strokes
  • Discrete odour
  • Perfect coverage
  • Long term protection

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