Suggestions & Solutions

Roof waterproofing & tiling

Waterproofing suggestions and solutions from ISOMAT!

1. Initially the substrate is thoroughly cleaned of dust, loose materials, etc. Its wetting follows, without the formation of stagnant water.

2. A layer of AQUAMAT-ELASTIC is applied locally along the junction of the roof with vertical elements (e.g. guardrails), along existing cracks or expansion joints, and at the joints of the roof with ventilation, chimneys, gutters, etc.

3. While the layer is still fresh, it is reinforced with a 10 cm wide polyester fabric tape.

4. If necessary, for the better integration of the reinforcement in the waterproofing layer, another local application with AQUAMAT-ELASTIC follows.

5. Then, after the local layer has dried, the roof is completely coated with AQUAMAT-ELASTIC, using a brush.

6. A second universal layer with AQUAMAT-ELASTIC follows, crosswise with the previous one and if it has dried. The thickness of each layer must be up to 1 mm.

7. The gluing of the tiles is done with the use of the elastic glue ISOMAT AK 25.

8. The jointing is done with MULTIFILL SMALTO 1-8. The combination of AQUAMAT-ELASTIC with ISOMAT AK 25 is an excellent system of waterproofing – gluing tiles.