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Shelf styling with Rust-Oleum Stone Effect

With rust-oleum’s stone range, you can restore small items of furniture, frames, vases and general decorations, giving the impression of a much weightier item with the natural look and texture of real stone.

The adhesive formula provides a long-lasting, decorative finish.

With this project, we show you how to transform vases into unique items that you will be proud to display in your home.



  1. Wipe the vase with a clean, damp sponge or cloth and allow this to dry. Using masking tape, mask the bottom of the vase, ensuring you create clean lines.
  2. Move the vase to a well-ventilated space and place on top of a large dust sheet or some old newspapers. You may want to cover the surrounding area with additional dust sheets / newspaper to protect from spray mist.
    Take your can of Rust-Oleum Stone Effect (we used the colour Pebble) and shake thoroughly until you hear the ball rattle. Hold the can approximately 30cm from the surface of the vase and spray in bursts. Apply several light coats a few hours apart. Leave to dry in a well-ventilated place for 24 hours.
    Rust-Oleum Stone Effect is available in four textured shades: Bleached Stone, Pebble, Mineral Brown, Black Granite and can be applied to most surfaces including wood, metal, plaster, clay and unglazed ceramic.
  3. Next, carefully peel away the masking tape to reveal the unpainted base of the vase.
  4. Using Chalky Finish Furniture Paint, carefully paint the bare part of the vase with an artist paint brush.
    Chalky Finish Furniture Paint pots are perfect for small craft projects, as the highly pigmented paint is water-based with virtually no odour and no priming or sanding is necessary on most surfaces.

Once dry, take your newly decorated vases and give them pride of place on your shelves.

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