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Hadjiyiannis – Great Place to Work-Certified™

Hadjiyiannis was certified as an “Employer of Preference 2022-2023” through the research of the independent organization “Great Place to Work“, with a very high score from the first year of submitting its candidacy.

A real testament to the very hard work of our people and the importance we place on their well-being as well as their professional growth and development. Our core philosophy and systems are built around TROPOS®, the unique imprint of our culture, based on the triplet of Happiness-Excellence-Prosperity, being the three core values ​​at the core of all our systems, processes and policies.

The phrase “Our people are our asset” is not just a slogan for us. It is our culture and one of our main pillars, so that we all continue together in the future as a single team for even greater successes. We thank both our people and our distinguished partners and customers.