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Safety at Work

So, if you work in construction, in a factory, or in a similar workplace, this document will help you understand how important safety is in the workplace, and it will present you the tools and products that may save your life one day.

In Cyprus, five to six accidents happen every day on average, and this number continues to rise in a terrifying rate. It does not matter whether you are a farmer, a technician, or an engineer, you are human above everything else, and no one can be certain who the next victim is going to be. No one wants to live life as a disabled person, so you must adopt the necessary safety measures. These types of accidents are mainly due to bad personal protection equipment quality.

Floors on the workplace
The safety of the health and the wellbeing of the personnel demands floors that are in good conditions, appropriate for the work that is going to take place on them, and without obstacles. Above all, a workplace must offer instructions and guidelines about how to avoid slipping, stumbling, and falling. Besides the financial damage they cause, these accidents have a physical but can also have an emotional cost as well. In workplaces, these kinds of accidents happen usually in the entrances, around the loading ramps, in dark areas, and in areas where tall trolleys are found, or large items are moved. The danger of slipping or stumbling can be significantly minimized in the design stage. A good workplace design is the first and most important step to avoid slipping, stumbling, and falling. Lubricants, oils, dust, broken pieces from machines, and a slippery floor in loading platforms are the main causes of this type of accidents.

The reason a worker may slip is mainly a wet and slippery floor. Besides the obvious behind the occasional slip, the small amount of friction and grip between the foot and the floor may lead to slipping, which in turn may lead to serious injuries. To protect the surface of the floor in various areas or factory spaces which come in contact with water, the floor surface must provide adequate grip.

Lack of lighting is the main reason behind workers stumbling. Obstacles and disorder in the workspace, wrapped rugs and uncovered cables, all can make you lose your balance and stumble. Uneven floors are also a reason behind stumbles. Uneven floors, ramps, and staircases must be easily visible.

Falls are mainly caused by uneven floors, but also by badly placed ladders or equipment. A low obstacle may also cause a fall. The changes in the evenness of the floor must be highlighted with distinct and visible marks. Also, individual low steps are behind a large number of falls.

Floor coating material:
Besides the usual security measures to avoid slipping, stumbling, and falls, design measures must be taken to avoid such unfortunate incidents. This can happen with the appropriate and advanced floor coating materials. The best way to improve that is using epoxy coatings. Slip-resistant floors with a rough coating are the best solution.

Depending on the danger of slipping or stumbling, and their severity, we have three series of epoxy protection shields:

  • Coating for garage floors.
  • Two-component water-based epoxy resin.
  • Slip-resistant add-ons.

Besides epoxy coats, we have a wide variety of slip-resistant spray coats. Since they are sprays, they dry quickly, and have a soft finish. They have very good grip and coat against slips, to avoid accidents.

For the protection against slipping in areas where you need high friction, try the following:

  • Slip-resistant covers on staircase steps.
  • Surface coverings.
  • Heavy-duty coating.
  • Edges for steps.

They all have slip-resistant hard surfaces and are graded for many uses and a long lifetime. The coatings and the step edges are available in two intense colors, yellow and white. The slip-resistance staircase steps covers are the best measure for slippery and worn steps. The surface coverings are also good for ramps and corridors.

For outdoor floor paints and painted markings, we offer floor paints that dry quickly and are easy to use, while you can step on them just an hour after application. We also offer stencils for colored paints.

Define the danger, find the reason behind it, and fix the problem. Protect against the danger of slipping by applying floor coatings. Maintain them with the best security measures. Wear appropriate footwear and gloves to avoid slipping or scratching your hands from heavy loads and sharp objects. We have a wide variety of safety gloves, from very soft up to gloves with coating of Nylon PU, Latex, or Nitrile. For safety masks, take a look at our dust-resistant hygiene masks, and our variety with a valve, the dust-resistant valve mask. Besides masks, we also offer safety goggles, overcoats, footwear, ear protection, and knee pads. You can try various choices from our wide variety of products, from panoramic safety goggles, ear protection equipment, and knee pads.

Think on these choices for your safety, and for minimizing the dangers and accidents in your workplace. Your personnel and workers must be trained and must understand these dangers and how to avoid them. Make sure there is adequate lighting and always wear appropriate footwear with good grip and the rest of the equipment mentioned above.