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Chalk effect by CosmosLac

Restore your old furniture and decorative items by giving them an impressive matte finish in the easiest and most creative way. Ideal for wood, melamine, canvas, metal, plastic, cardboard and even glass, for friends of decoration and professionals.


It does not drip, does not need primer, covers up to 4m2, while the special spray of Cosmos Chalk Effect minimizes painting time.

Give new life to your old furniture, in 15 minutes, without tools and special knowledge.

Available in 14 modern and Vintage shades!


1. Select a well-ventilated area and place the object you want to paint over protective nylon.

2. Ensure that the surfaces you’re about to paint are clean, dry and free of loose spots or grease.

3. For old wooden furniture that may have been waxed, use a little white spirit to clean it before painting. Painted wood is ideally sanded with P180 sandpaper before painting.

4. Mask areas that you do not want to be painted with paper tape.

5. Apply two coats of the Chalk Effect series with relatively fast movements from a distance of 10-15 cm. Paint first vertically and then horizontally (this is one coat). Wait 10 minutes before painting the next coat.

6. For small objects or areas that need detail, use the white spray nozzle (from a distance of 10cm) that you will find in the package. For larger surfaces and speed use the black nozzle (from a distance of 15cm)

7. The result of the above steps will be a luxurious and uniform matte surface. If you want to add the effect of natural wear, one hour after painting use a fine P180-220 sandpaper and gently rub the areas of paint you want to remove, exposing the bare wood below – this usually works best at the edges and corners.

8. You can also use two different colours, a light base colour (Chalk Effect Pure White) and a second colour on top. So if you sand the exterior paint instead of the wood the base colour will be revealed.

9. The Chalk Effect series gives a permanent result that lasts over time. For even more durability, use the Chalk Varnish matt varnish from the Chalk Effect series.