Suggestions & Solutions

Restoration of fragile plasters

Suggestions and solutions from ISOMAT!

  1. The lack of water repellency in a plaster leads to its fragility and eventually to its detachment.
  2. First remove the loose parts of the plaster with a spatula.
  3. The surface is then thoroughly cleaned of dust.
  4. The surface is primed with FLEX-PRIMER or NANO-SEAL to stabilize it.
  5. The restoration is done with UNICRET-FAST, reinforced with the addition of ADIPLAST resin.
  6. The materials are applied with a trowel, after the primer dries.
  7. After the plaster has “pulled” sufficiently, it is rubbed with a sponge rub.
  8. After the plaster dries, the surface is primed with FLEX-PRIMER and painted with FLEXCOAT.