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Repair of cracks between door frame and wall

Suggestions and solutions from ISOMAT!

The problem of minor repairs does not only appear in old constructions that need maintenance, but also in new ones where the wrong choice of materials or their poor application has been made. The following is one of the most common problems that a construction may have.

  1. Poor choice of materials for sealing the window joint with the wall led to the appearance of cracks.
  2. Initially widen the crack to a width of at least 3 mm.
  3. It is well cleaned from dust.
  4. The use of self-adhesive paper tape is considered necessary to avoid staining of the window.
  5. The crack is sealed with ISOMASTIC-A acrylic mastic.
  6. The mastic is smoothed while it is still fresh.
  7. Immediately after, the paper tape is carefully removed.
  8. After ISOMASTIC-A dries, the crack is painted along it.

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