Suggestions & Solutions

Repair of random cracks on plaster

Random cracks on plaster can be easily restored, as long as they are superficial and have not been caused by masonry cracks.

1. The crack is initially opened and all loose particles are removed.

2. Then, the crack is cleaned of any dust.

3. And slightly dampened.

4. FLEX-COVER is prepared, adding A-component (cementitious powder) into B-component (acrylic polymer dispersion) under continuous stirring.

5. The crack is sealed applying FLEX-COVER with a putty knife.

6. After the sealing material has dried, the surface is primed with FLEX-PRIMER and then painted with FLEXCOAT.

TIP: In this particular application, instead of FLEX-COVER, the elastoplastic acrylic sealant ISOMASTIC-A can also be used.