Suggestions & Solutions

Repair of hair cracks on plaster

Suggestions and solutions from ISOMAT!

1. The existence of hair cracks on plaster, is possible to lead to more serious problems, in case they are not tackled in time.

2. Firstly, the surface needs to be cleaned of dust, etc.

3. Then, the dry surface is primed with FLEX-PRIMER.

4. After the primer has dried, the surface is then painted with FLEXCOAT in two layers.

5. The second layer is applied after the first one has dried.

TIP: In case the cracks are multiple and intense, it is recommended to reinforce the first FLEXCOAT layer be reinforced, while still wet, with the polyester-fabric of 1 m width. Then, for the polyester-fabric embodiment, two more FLEXCOAT layers are needed. Alternatively, repairing multiple and intense cracks could be done with the use of the two-component, elastic putty FLEX-COVER, as described below