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Protection that will… shake things up!

Ross Nanotechnology and Rustoleum, one of the leading companies in the world in the sector of protective colours and materials for the coverage of surfaces, has developed a revolutionary innovative product which is called Rust-Oleum NeverWet.

This is a product that makes justice to its name meaning that it allows people to waterproof any object, when they spray it with this product.

NeverWet has been designed to be used on various surfaces, creating a super hydrophobic coating that repels water. When water is poured on this coating, small pellets are created that easily roll of the surface without leaving any remains on it.



This is a property that is usually referred to as the Lotus effect, having as example the quality of a Lotus leaf, that due to its hydrophobic surface, it does not allow water to spread on its surface. Instead, water creates pellets, thus having less contact with its surface.

With NeverWet, we can easily and inexpensively protect a wide range of materials for a long period of time even for life, depending on the conditions. This is true for many materials, from shoes to furniture and walls, specific parts of cars, motorbikes, kitchen surfaces and generally in places with water and moisture. Moreover, it can be used on metal, wood, concrete, plastic, PVC, aluminum, leather and many more materials.

NeverWet’s kit consists of two different sprays which help creating of a base coating and a covering coating. We have tried it and the result is absolutely amazing.