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Protection & decoration with Aquagel eco-friendly impregnation varnish in 3 simple steps

AQUAGEL is an ecological water impregnation varnish with high resistance to UV radiation and weather conditions. It effectively blocks water and moisture thanks to the special Aquastop technology. It is ideal for vertical surfaces such as shutters, windows, fences, garden structures etc.

  • Microporous and anti – UV: Allows wood to breathe while protecting it from solar radiation
  • Waterproof
  • excellent adhesion
  • Ultra-light and resistant to weathering
  • Dries quickly (repainting in 3 hours)
  • Odourless, without harmful emissions
  • Suitable for old and new, European and exotic woods
  • Can be applied over all types of impregnation varnishes
  • Long-term protection: 6 years


Before you start, make sure to prepare the surface properly. The wood should be clean, dry and free of grease. Be thorough in places where dust collects, such as corners and joints. If necessary, lightly sand the edges with sandpaper to round them.

  • FINISHED WOOD: Sand well with sandpaper to obtain a smooth surface. Remove any residue and dust.
  • BEFORE: Brush thoroughly to remove any residue from previous application. Sand with sandpaper to obtain a smooth surface. Remove residues and dust.
  • HARD & DIFFICULT WOOD: On hard and difficult woods (oak, chestnut, exotic woods), dilute 15% with water for the 1st coat. Apply the 2nd coat without dilution. On oily woods, clean first with a solvent cleaner or with a suitable V33 cleaning and protection product.


Mix the product well before and during application. Apply the 1st coat with a roller, brush or spray gun.


After 3 hours apply the 2nd layer.


  • Inside the container, the product may have a milky appearance, which disappears once the varnish has been applied and dried.
  • Caution: The shade of the product in the container does not correspond to the final shade.
  • On new or very worn surfaces, a 3rd coat is recommended for lighter shades.
  • Ideal application conditions: between 12 and 25°C in dry weather and without draughts.
  • The transparent shade (colourless) is recommended for indoor use. For outdoor use, use it to dilute other shades.
  • The final shade depends on the original colour of the wood and its age. The older the wood, the darker the result.
  • On south-facing surfaces, apply a 3rd coat.

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