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Painting a children’s room: ideas full of imagination!

The child’s room is the ideal place to play with the colors! Decorating it can become an exciting adventure, since we can create a happy and inspiring place for our little friends.

Children love having a room with bright, bold, and unique colors, since that best reflects their liveliness and energy. So, imagination and creativity are needed during the selection of the color combinations and the other decorative elements of the room.

The Standard Color and Professional Color paints are the best option for a children’s room, since they’re high-quality plastic colors for interior spaces. They have high coverage, excellent workability, and incredible durability even to frequent washing and the passage of time. They have great adhesion to every kind of new or old sublayer and they create a final surface with an amazing matte finish.

Tips and suggestions for the children’s room

It’s time to select your colors! Don’t limit yourselves to the classic girly pinks and boyish blues. Try alternative hues, experiment, and create a unique and pleasant atmosphere. For ideas full of inspiration and imagination, visit the ISOMAT COLOR SYSTEM webpage and choose from its modern color combinations.

Remember that choosing very intense colors isn’t always the best choice for a children’s room. Your objective is color harmony, so that the result has a positive influence on the emotional and mental development of your children. That’s why it’s best to play with a combination of bold and soft hues, giving the room both liveliness and serenity.

On the same time, don’t underestimate the power of white, black, and the other neutral colors, since these calm hues can give a different dimension to an ordinary children’s room. Avoid painting more than two walls with dark colors, and try to decorate the room with elements like wall stickers, wallpaper pieces, shelves, and furniture.

Finally, the secret is finding the colors that fit your child. Let their personality unfold as you choose hues together, and create their living space along with them.


You’ll need:


Place the paper tape on the points you want to remain unpainted, like power sockets, the door frame, or window frames. You should also cover with paper tape furniture or other decorative elements you’d like to protect.


For strong adhesion and high absorption, prime the surfaces you want to paint with the acrylic water-based primer Flex-Primer which is suitable for use with new interior space surfaces.


Let’s paint! Choose between the Standard Color and the Professional Color paints. For a uniform aesthetic result, start painting from the corners of the room, painting with the brush from the top to the bottom. Continue on to the harder points that are covered by paper tape or the points where the walls meet the ceiling, since these points need more paintbrush control and higher accuracy.


Immerse the roll in the paint and cover the walls with vertical movements, to ensure maximum coverage. When you’re done with the first wall, pass the roll over the areas where the paint layers seem thinner. After at least 24 hours, apply the second hand. You’re ready to admire your new room! Don’t forget to include your children in the process, as colors and painting are fun for everyone!

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