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How to Decorate An Inspiring Study Room For Your Kids

All kids deserve a space in the house where they can spend the time studying and being creative. The essentials of this place are that it needs to be quiet, peaceful, and creativity-provoking so kids can stay motivated and enjoy spending time there.

Looking for ways to renovate the study space of your kids at home? Below we have made a list of ideas to make your kids’ study an effective area.


A colorful study area works for all ages but is especially important for school-going kids. Using bright-colored furniture and other accessories in the room help stimulate the brain, increasing your child’s information retaining power.
Paint the walls of the space in any color with CLEAN EXTREME SCRUBBABLE MATT paint to turn them into a creative area for your kid. CLEAN EXTREME SCRUBBABLE MATT will help you maintain these walls clean as it is highly resistant to everyday wear, and can be frequently washed.
Another thing that you can do is draw cartoon characters or different alphabets on these white walls with colorful non-dripping spray paint like EASY-MAX. Easy MAX’s one-coat coverage and extra nozzle allow you to cover wider areas, making the painting process easier.


A budget-friendly tip for designing a kid’s study room is to add second-hand furniture. The old school furniture like a cupboard or desks are cheaper, and you can often get them in excellent condition. With a coat of CHALK EFFECT or EASY-MAX, you can turn these old pieces into just like new.
And if you already have furniture or accessories, but your kids are tired of their existing color, then you have the option of giving them a new look altogether using CHALK EFFECT and EASY MAX spray paints.


One way to uplift the old décor of your kid’s study room, while making it more exciting is by creating your own chalkboard. Creating a chalkboard is not a tedious task anymore; you only need paints like simple CHALKBOARD PAINT or MAGNETIC CHALKBOARD PAINT to cover a wall. Magnetic chalkboard paint makes the board more interesting as it also has the quality of attracting magnets, and kids love to play with it.

Kids’ study area ideas don’t need to be extravagant! Selecting the right furniture pieces and decorating in a stimulating way with paints is all it takes to create an excellent study space!

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