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Make your terrace waterproof with Isoflex Aegean!

Make your terrace waterproof and keep it white forever! ISOFLEX AEGEAN consists not only an effective solution to make tour terrace or your balcony waterproof, but also helps you save energy during the hot summer months.

Isoflex Aegean
Thanks to its high whiteness, which remains unchanged for many years, it boasts high solar reflectability, reducing this way the temperature on the surface of the terrace. As a consequence, you do not need to use air conditioners. So, by using this product, you reduce the cost for the maintenance of your waterproof layer, as it lasts for many years with the same whiteness, and for the cooling of your building. For this reason, you can use ISOFLEX AEGEAN as a cooling terrace painting.

In additional, it boasts high endurance to stagnant water and it can be applied on uneven undercoat. It is a great solution for difficult points that need to be made waterproof (corners, arrises, concretions with lead roof outlet) and the local waterproofing of cracks on terraces with the use of armature.

ISOFLEX AEGEAN is applied at least on two layers and creates an undivided elastic, waterproof and steam proof membrane without joints and concretions. It adheres excellently on any surface, such as concrete, wood, metal and every kind of waterproofing layers.

It is certified with the marking CE, as product for the protection of cement surfaces, according to the standard ΕΝ 1504-2. Protect your terrace or your balcony from damp and give them the unique whiteness of the Aegean architecture with ISOFLEX AEGEAN!

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