Suggestions & Solutions

Roof waterproofing – Insufficient slopes with stagnant water

Waterproofing suggestions and solutions from ISOMAT!

1. First, the substrate is thoroughly cleaned of dust, loose materials, etc.

2. We wet the well-cleaned substrate, without stagnant water left.


3. The angle formed at the junction of the slab with vertical elements (eg parapet, end of staircase, etc.) is wetted.

4. It is then smoothed with DUROCRET.


5. Finally, it is smoothed with the help of a cylindrical object (eg a bottle), in order to form a curved gutter.

6. Prepare AQUAMAT-ELASTIC, by mixing the A-component (cement) in the B-component (elasticizer) and the required water.


7. The first rubbing of AQUAMAT-ELASTIC is applied with a brush, in strips 1 m wide. The rubbing extends to the vertical elements (guardrails, etc.) by 15-20 cm.

8. In the fresh layer of AQUAMAT-ELASTIC, a 1 m wide polyester fabric (TREVIRA) is placed and integrated.


9. The first layer reinforced with polyester fabric, after drying, is covered by a second rubbing with AQUAMAT-ELASTIC.

10. A third layer with white AQUAMAT-ELASTIC follows crosswise with the previous one and after it has dried. The thickness of each layer should not exceed 1 mm.


The final layer of AQUAMAT-ELASTIC in white color protects the waterproofing from the sun, thus contributing to its long-term effectiveness.