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How to Renovate your kitchen

A simple and economical way to redecorate your kitchen is to paint a tiled credenza. And without undercoat or preparation.

Step 1: Clean the surface to be painted

Before starting to paint the tiles, degrease and clean the surface using a sponge and soda-based detergent. Insist in the corners and on the joints of tiles then rinse.

Step 2: Protect the work area

Apply masking tape around the areas to be painted, smoothing well. Protect electrical outlets and switches.

Step 3: Paint the tile joints

Mix Kitchen Renovation with a wide wand. Using a brush, first apply the paint on the edges and the corners. Then paint the joints of the tiles. Start painting around the masking tape, from the outside in.

Step 4: Paint the tiles

Paint the entire tiled surface with a lacquer roller. Apply one smooth coat of paint and allow to dry for 6 hours.

Step 5: Apply the second coat

Apply a second coat of Kitchen Renovation in the same way for a very opaque finish. On bright shades, a third coat may be required. Remove masking tape immediately after painting. Optimum product performance and resistance is achieved after 20 days from application, do not put too much stress on the surface during this period.

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