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Decoration and protection of stone surfaces with acrylic varnish VS-1

The waterproofing of walls made or lined with natural stones (slates, porphyries, etc.) or decorative coatings relieves the surfaces from white stains and at the same time protects them from frost and dirt.

  1. The use of acrylic varnish VS-1 emphasizes the natural color of the surface, and its simultaneous waterproofing is achieved.
  2. First remove dust from the surface. VS-1 is applied to a dry, clean surface with open pores.
  3. The material is applied with a brush or spraying in 2 layers. The application of the second layer is done after the first one dries well.
  4. VS-1 has blocked the porosity of the surface and at the same time emphasizes the naturalness of the surface. Alternatively, VARNISH-PU 2K can be used instead of VS-1.

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