Suggestions & Solutions

Floor leveling with self-leveling cement mortar

The need to fill the floors (covering water or heating pipes, removing old wooden floors and restoring elevations differences, creation of slopes on roofs and balconies) and their smoothing (installation of tiles, carpet, plastic or wooden floor) it appears both in new constructions and in old ones during their renovation.

  1. The existence of irregularities in the floors makes it difficult to install tiles, plastic flooring, carpeting, etc.
  2. First, the substrate is cleaned of dust, oils, loose materials, etc.
  3. The surface is then primed with UNI-PRIMER.
  4. After the primer has dried, FLOWCRET 1-10 is applied. The material is mixed with water under constant stirring, until a uniform fluid mass without lumps is created. For thicknesses from 3 mm to 30 mm, the use of FLOWCRET 3-30 EXPRESS is recommended.
  5. FLOWCRET 1-10 is poured onto the surface and spread with the help of a large trowel, to a thickness of up to 10 mm in a single layer. After the coating dries, the surface can be covered with tiles, carpet, plastic floor.