Colour & Decorating

Colour Insights 2023-2024 – Metaverse

Digital and physical worlds collide to create the hyperreal vibrancy of Metaverse. This insight takes us on a vivid journey back to the future, capturing a vision of tomorrow with a hint of digital nostalgia. The eclectic neon-inspired palette of Metaverse channels your inner maximalist to create an immersive, bold and disruptive design experience.

Computer generated imagery, super saturated colours and explosive neon hues pair with muted pinks to celebrate the unity of analogue and digital, creating a hyperreal collection of colours that are modern and extravagant with the ability to transport us to a dream-like landscape that’s sensory and striking.

“This is not a theme which is fearful of technology; it is hopeful for what it may bring. Fun-filled maximalism: Metaverse is for the progressive optimist.

People are more connected than ever, with the rise in digitalisation and social media usage, e-commerce, entertainment, gaming and video-streaming technologies. This theme is a collision of the digital and physical world driven by a hybrid consumer who wants the best of both worlds – digital and physical.”

Kathryn Lloyd, Crown Colour Specialist

“Futuristic bold colours jump out in this adventurous and vivid theme. The saturated cobalt blue brings energy and clashes with the vibrant pinks to make this insight become electric.

Synthetic lighting helps illuminate the deep, dark tones in this ever changing world. The depth of the blues and teals give this trend a moody and intense feel whilst neon accents add light and shade. Pastel pinks then soften the palette and bring the warmth back.”

Lisa Miller, Crown Colour Insights Panel