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Colour Influences SS 2022 – Liminal

Bring the outdoors in … and breathe.

Painting a world full of possibilities. We believe that every pot of paint is brimming with potential. And we want to put that in the hands of everyone. Because with paint, you can change a room, change a mood, even change a life. That’s why we want to inspire people to paint their world better, braver, and more beautiful. Today, our Colour Influences is an extension of that mission. Our colour panel come together each season to create three innovative trends, designed to embolden and embrace colour.

Liminal is an ode to the natural world, focusing on creating a space that connects us to nature. A calming space to boost our wellbeing. Clean lines, layered textures and muted, dusky colours are combined to blend the indoor and outdoor, creating a holistic place to soothe the mind and invite quiet contemplation and relaxed conversation.

“Bring the outdoors in… and breathe. Combine the soft textures, tactile foliage & dusky colours with the architectural panel features. Light floods in and creates a space to appreciate nature. Soothing muted greens entwine with dusky greys & gentle blues.”

– Lisa Miller, Senior Graphic Designer

“This collection of calming and relaxing colours reflects our need to reconnect to nature and bring it into our homes. Liminal blends the boundaries between indoors and outdoors, with plenty of greenery, natural light, hues inspired by plants and interesting, graphic panels, creating a space that’s soothing for the mind.”

– Neville Knott, Crown Colour Consultant

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