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How to paint a ceiling

When painting a room it’s best to paint the ceiling first so as not to get paint on the walls or woodwork.

But  if it’s only thing you’re painting it doesn’t have to be difficult, just follow this guide.

You will need:

STEP 1: Prepare the surface

Use a dust sheet to prevent any paint getting where it shouldn’t. Remove your furniture if you can or place it in the middle of the room. Now you’re ready to go.

STEP 2: Paint

Choose a matte emulsion for your ceiling. Cut in around the edges with a brush to create a point for you to roll to. Use the brush on the edge working in long sweeping movements.

TIP: For best results use a quality 2 ½ inch brush.

If you’re not confident cutting in, masking tape is a good option. Dampen the roller first as this helps it to pick up the paint. Apply the paint in a W motion to even the paint out. Cover the area a section at a time, starting in one corner. Overlapping each section by a third for an even coverage. To avoid spatter, keep a consistent pressure and don’t roll too quickly.

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