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Why choose ISOMAT PREMIUM ACRYL for painting exterior surfaces!

ISOMAT PREMIUM ACRYL is a 100% acrylic, matt paint for exterior use. It has the following advantages, which make it an excellent quality material:

  • High water-repellency, excellent opacity and surface coverage
  • Excellent resistance to weather conditions and time
  • Provides excellent workability and flow while having quick-drying time
  • Being vapor-permeable, it allows high building breathability

At the same time, white is certified as a cool color, meaning it has the ability to reflect solar radiation and keep the interior of the building cool, since it absorbs less solar energy.

ISOMAT PREMIUM ACRYL is applied to new or old surfaces, on all building materials, such as concrete, plaster, bricks, asbestos cement, plasterboards, wood, etc. It creates a final surface with an impeccable matte effect. It is applied by roller, brush or airless gun as is or diluted 5-10% with clean water, in two layers.

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