Suggestions & Solutions

Basement waterproofing by Isomat

Waterproofing suggestions and solutions from ISOMAT!

1. The surfaces are thoroughly cleaned of dust, loose materials, etc. The corner at the junction of the floor with vertical elements (walls, columns), is wetted and smoothed with DUROCRET, forming a curved gutter.


2. In the perimeter walls, the morellos and pins are opened conically at a depth of 3 cm with drill and plastered with DUROCRET as well as any work stop joints, after being opened triangularly along them at a depth of 3 cm, as well as the existing nests in the concrete.


3. If water inflow is observed during the works, the points are sealed with the high-speed setting AQUAFIX sealing cement.


4. The perimeter walls are well wetted and smeared with AQUAMAT in 2 to 4 layers, depending on the degree of stress from the water. Each layer follows after the previous one dries. The rubbing is applied in layers up to 1 mm thick and extends to a height of at least 50 cm above the natural ground.

5. Finally, AQUAMAT is applied also to the basement floor in 2 to 4 layers in the same way.

6. With the use of AQUAMAT, a single waterproofing has been formed inside the basement, which can accept paint, plaster or tile coating.