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Application of Terrazzo Decorative Flooring

The Terrazzo Decorative Flooring brings back the vintage mosaic aesthetic of mosaic in a more modern version, using modern, high-quality materials from ISOMAT.

Method of application

Substrate preparation

The substrate must be free of dust, oil, loose material, etc. Any defects such as cracks, gaps in the substrate, etc., must be repaired with suitable materials.

On porous surfaces (such as concrete, cement mortar, etc.) the acrylic primer FLEX-PRIMER is applied, while on non-porous surfaces (such as tile surfaces, etc.) the quartz primer ISOMAT SUPERGRUND is recommended. This is followed by a coat of DUROCRET-TERRAZZO*, once the primer is completely dry.

Application of decorative flooring

DUROCRET-TERRAZZO* is added to a clean container of water with continuous stirring using a low-speed drill. In case of colouring, the desired combination of ISOMAT DECO-COLOR pigments is recommended to be dissolved in the mixing water. ISOMAT NATURAL COLOURED STONES* are then added in the recommended dosage and mixed with a low-speed drill until they are evenly distributed in the cement mortar.

The mixture is spread on the prepared substrate and spread with a metal trowel to a thickness of 1 to 2 cm. This is followed by the necessary smoothing of the surface using a metal bar. On the fresh surface of DUROCRET-TERRAZZO* (within 15-20 minutes after levelling) the special acrylic anti-evaporation protection ISOCURE-A* is sprayed universally.

After 24 to 48 hours, depending on the weather conditions, the mechanical treatment, sanding and finishing of the decorative floor is carried out either by sanding the surface with a mosaic machine with sanding stones or by sanding the surface with a hand sander and then with sandpaper (in the case of small projects, details or surfaces where the mosaic machine cannot be used due to morphology or obstacles).

The surface must then be thoroughly cleaned of dust with a high-absorption vacuum cleaner. Any small holes, pores, etc., created on the surface of DUROCRET-TERRAZZO* due to the preceding machining are sealed with the repair mortar based on cement WHITE 52.5. When DUROCRET-TERRAZZO* is coloured, WHITE 52,5 shall be coloured in the same shade.

Application of varnish

Two or three days after the application is completed and if the surface is dry, the application of the VARNISH-PU 2K (gloss or satin) solvent-based transparent polyurethane varnish or the VARNISH-PU 1K* (satin-matt) solvent-free, one-component, transparent polyurethane varnish is applied in at least two coats.

The above varnishes generally darken the surface. If this is not desirable, it is recommended that the day before the application of VARNISH-PU 2K or VARNISH-PU 1K* the surface be impregnated with the acrylic water-based varnish VS-W or the water-soluble polyurethane varnish VARNISH-PU 2KW respectively.

In food handling and processing areas, the certified transparent water-soluble 2-component polyurethane varnish with satin-matt finish, VARNISH-PU 2KW, is used as a top coat.

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