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High aesthetics with a natural effect, using the Stone Carpet Decorative Flooring with coloured natural tiles

In perfect harmony with the natural environment, thanks to ISOMAT NATURAL COLORED STONES*, the Stone Carpet flooring developed by ISOMAT offers a decorative, non-slip surface of high aesthetics with a perfectly natural effect.

Method of application

Substrate preparation

  1. A) For outdoors

When the resin decorative stone carpet flooring is applied outdoors, such as on verandas, terraces, balconies, etc., it is necessary to first apply a waterproofing layer with a coated polyurethane sealant, such as ISOFLEX-PU 510. When stone carpet is applied on a concrete slab on the ground, e.g. in pool surrounds, garden landscaping, outdoor walkways, then DUROPRIMER-SG* epoxy primer is applied as a protective layer before the stone carpet.

  1. B) For interiors

On porous surfaces (such as concrete, cement mortar etc.) the epoxy primer DUROFLOOR-PSF* or the polyurethane primer PRIMER-PU 100 is applied. On non-porous surfaces (such as tile surfaces, etc.) apply the adhesion promoter PRIMER-S 165*.

Preparation of decorative resin flooring

ISOMAT NATURAL COLORED STONES* are added to the polyurethane resin ISOFLEX-PU 650* and the two components are mixed for about 5 minutes with a low-speed drill. For large applications, it is recommended to mix the components of the decorative floor (stone carpet) using a concrete mixer.

The decorative resin flooring is spread on the surface in one layer with a smooth metal trowel. After curing of the decorative flooring, an optional layer of ISOFLEX-PU 650* can be applied to enhance the mechanical properties of the system.

*Products available on request