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7 reasons to choose the ISOMAT THERMOSYSTEM external thermal insulation

Due to the ongoing climate crisis and the efforts to minimize the environmental footprint of constructions, the application of external thermal insulation is now necessary, and obligatory.

ISOMAT has developed 5 different external thermal insulation systems to cover the different needs of every building. They can be applied to both old and new constructions and offer multiple benefits to the building’s residents:

Energy savings and operating expenses reduction

With the ISOMAT THERMOSYSTEM external thermal insulation systems, you can achieve high energy savings both during winter, as you’ll be consuming less fuel to heat the building, as well as during the summer, by using less power for air conditioning. The operational costs of the building will be reduced significantly, and the cost of the application will be quickly absorbed just a few years after the installation of the system. State subsidy programs to upgrade the building’s efficiency are another incentive to install an external thermal insulation system in your building, as they can cover the cost of the application by up to 80%!

Thermal comfort and healthy atmosphere in your space

By installing the ISOMAT THERMOSYSTEM external thermal insulation systems, thermal bridges that transport the external temperature in the interior of the building are eliminated. Interior temperature doesn’t change even hours after the heating has turned off. That way, you can achieve the most stable and uniform temperature possible throughout the year, achieving thermal comfort in your building in all types of weather. Additionally, the external thermal façade of the building grants it water repellency and water vapor permeability, allowing moisture to escape and not get trapped, thus avoiding the creation of mold, and achieving a healthier atmosphere in the interior for all residents.

Renovation and protection of the building’s façade

External thermal insulation using the ISOMAT THERMOSYSTEM systems is an excellent renovation solution for older buildings. The buildings gain a modern, pleasant look due to the high-quality, colored MARMOCRYL renders by ISOMAT, which can be colored right in the point of sale of the company’s huge seller network, in a wide variety of hues from the ISOMAT COLOR SYSTEM color chart. Additionally, you can choose different textures to achieve your desired aesthetic result. Finally, by installing external thermal insulation systems, your building’s shell is protected from weather conditions and achieves a higher durability to the wear of time.

Environmental protection

The ISOMAT THERMOSYSTEM external thermal insulation systems help protect the environment by reducing the usage of solid fuels to heat or cool the building, thus significantly reducing air pollution. Specifically, the emission of carbon dioxide and other pollutants is drastically reduced, substances which are considered responsible for the greenhouse effect. The benefit from the reduction of this carbon footprint that results from applying the THERMOSYSTEM insulation system to new or existing buildings corresponds to not using thousands of cars for 1 year. It should also be noted that according to details from the European Union, 36% of the greenhouse gasses emissions in the EU come from buildings. Using external thermal insulation systems helps in the bioclimatic design of buildings through saving energy and using energy efficiently. Choosing ISOMAT THERMOSYSTEM thermal insulation systems is the first step in dealing with the ongoing climate crisis and securing the sustainability of your constructions. Protecting the environment can begin from our house!

Raising the market value of your real estate

When you choose to install the ISOMAT THERMOSYSTEM external thermal insulation system, you raise the total market value of the building, since its operational costs are reduced, it’s upgraded both regarding energy efficiency as well as aesthetics, and gains a higher resistance to the wear of time. You should also take into consideration the importance of energy class when buying real estate, which, in combination with our 10-year warranty, raises the market value of your real estate.


Easy and quick application

The ISOMAT THERMOSYSTEM external thermal insulation systems are quick and easy to apply by specialized professionals, to ensure the quickest and cheapest application. Additionally, you don’t need to move the residents of the building where you’ll be applying it, and it doesn’t cause any significant disturbance to the neighbors either.



Trust ISOMAT’s years of experience and know-how

ISOMAT has been creating a history of quality, trustworthiness, and high technical knowledge for more than 40 years, while it was one of the first companies of the sector to develop external thermal insulation systems, with more than 10 years of success in large-scale works in Greece as well as abroad. The ISOMAT THERMOSYSTEM systems are chosen for the high quality of products that comprise them, the ease of application, the definitive solution they offer, as well as the guaranteed results they grant, both regarding the protection they offer as well as their aesthetics. On the same time, the technical support offered by experienced and specialized engineers from the company, and the application from the certified professionals that the company suggests, ensure every step of the application of the systems is done correctly, and also ensure a sound result and the maximum possible lifetime of the system. Finally, through its large network of associates, ISOMAT is next to you every step of the way.