Suggestions & Solutions

Restoration of cracked or disconnected masonry

The existence of individual cracks in the plaster, located at a height of 30-40 cm below the ceiling, is usually caused by movement of the masonry bricks. A superficial sealing of the cracks would probably lead to a new crack. The complete solution is presented below.

  1. The cracking or disconnection of a masonry has as a natural consequence the appearance of cracks in the plaster.
  2. Initially the plaster is laid in a total width of 30 cm along the crack (15 cm on either side)
  3. Then the lips of the crack are widened with a chisel.
  4. It is cleaned with a hard brush.
  5. Then rinse well with water.
  6. Finally, fill the crack, as deep as possible, with DUROCRET or RAPICRET. The material is applied with a trowel.
  7. After the mortar dries, the surface is thoroughly cleaned of dust, etc. and wetted with water.
  8. Apply the first layer of plaster with UNICRET-FAST, reinforced with ADIPLAST building resin.
  9. While the first layer is still fresh, fiberglass mesh strips are applied locally with light pressure.
  10. After the first layer thickens, wet the surface followed by the second layer with UNICRET-FAST.
  11. Once the plaster is sufficiently adhered, it is rubbed with a sponge rub.
  12. After the surface dries, it is primed with PRIMER PROFESSIONAL and painted with STANDARD COLOR.