Colour & Decorating

How to add color to the pots of your garden

There is nothing that cannot be transformed using color! And of course, this transformation can be done in the pots of your garden or balcony. The pots can be either old and in need of renewal, or new and in need of more color!

The process is easy and enjoyable and will give even more color to your garden!

Choose Cosmoslac RAL spray for your own creations!

It is an acrylic paint, which gives a perfectly uniform and durable surface with excellent resistance to weather conditions.



Step 1: Thoroughly clean the surface of the pot from any dust

Step 2: Protect the area you may not want to tape

Step 3: Shake very well before use and spray from a distance of 30cm

Step 4: For best results, apply 2-3 coats, waiting 3-5 minutes between them

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